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My commitment to clients has placed me in the top 3% of Realtors and top .05% of real estate agents in Las Vegas. This kind of recognition has only fueled my passion for service and real estate.

Ep. 274: mahsheed’s branding paid off to the tune of $40M (with mahsheed parsons)
Ep. 274: mahsheed’s branding paid off to the tune of $40M (with mahsheed parsons)

Brand Recognition That Is Off-the-Charts!

Who should listen: Anyone who needs to hear that there is no such thing as too much marketing.

Key idea: Take every opportunity and use every medium to consistently brand yourself.

Action item: Examine the ways in which you are branding yourself. Are you encouraging people to know, like, and trust you?

Mahsheed Parsons knows exactly how she managed to close $40M in sales in only seven months—she regularly and consistently takes every opportunity to brand herself.

She uses social media, mailers, radio, and billboards, and now she’s working on a television commercial.

When she markets homes, she uses a highly professional and experienced photographer and videographer to showcase the dwellings in their best light. As she says, when you’re in the luxury market, you need to step up your game.

The gifts she gives at closings are also opportunities to brand herself as the luxury agent of choice.

She provides custom pillowcases and bathrobes from designers like Louis Vuitton. She’ll have gorgeous floral arrangements delivered to a client’s new home. And she likes to give high-end candles in extravagant packages.

Of course, agents who are not working in the luxury market are probably not giving away items from Louis Vuitton, BUT the idea of copious branding applies to all entrepreneurs.

Listen to or watch our conversation about how to establish a brand with higher visibility that communicates credibility to all those within your sphere and beyond.

Then enjoy the advice Mahsheed offers about how to best use Instagram and how new agents can break into the luxury market.

Finally, we talk about giving back and how philanthropy from the heart can help you build a network, generate goodwill, and engender a spirit of reciprocity (i.e., referrals!).

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