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Mahsheed Barghisavar, Las Vegas Real Estate Expert


Las Vegas Real Estate Expert, Mahsheed Barghisavar, specializes in Luxury Homes and High Rises throughout the Las Vegas Valley. As a compassionate real estate leader in the Vegas community, she is highly driven and strives to find her clients the perfect home or real estate investment, in any given real estate market. With over 15 years of full time experience, Mahsheed knows how to find her clients exactly what they are looking for. Any client Mahsheed takes on, she will do what it takes until the task at hand is done and all parties are happy. She thrives on a solid foundation built off INTEGRITY, AUTHENTICY and GENUINE concern for her clients. When you work with Mahsheed, You are working with a REAL ESTATE EXPERT who makes your money a priority.

Mahsheed has been one of the most preeminent residential Real Estate Brokers in Las Vegas Nevadas Real Estate Market since 2006. She has had over $150 million in sales and is currently one of the top 1% of Real Estate Brokers in Las Vegas. Mahsheed has an extensive client base featuring those who seek the luxury lifestyle including heads of industry, celebrities, major lending institutions and foreign investors.

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Christina Deville

Where do I begin, this women is amazing and I love working with her! She has helped me purchase multiple homes over the last year. From the minute you...READ MORE

Holly and Bill Hipp

It is truly our privilege and honor to recommend Mahsheed Barghisavar for all your RE needs! She is a caring and top quality professional in her field...READ MORE


Mahsheed found me EXACTLY what I was looking for and I am so happy! It was not an easy find but she did it. It was the FIRST and ONLY house I saw and ...READ MORE


Mahsheed works HARD. She is very AMBITIOUS and TENACIOUS. I have never seen her give up on anything. She is GREAT at what she does and great with peop...READ MORE


Working with Mahsheed was the best experience … Working with Mahsheed was the best experience I had purchasing my condo in the Las Vegas area. Ma...READ MORE


Ever since I first spoke with Mahsheed on the phone I knew that I had found my real estate agent I had been looking for … She is so knowledgeable...READ MORE


Mahsheed is incredibly determined, driven … Mahsheed is incredibly determined, driven and always has her clients best interest in mind. Most impo...READ MORE


Mahsheed made my apartment searching fun and simple … Mahsheed made my apartment searching fun and simple and after working with her, I would nev...READ MORE


Mahsheed and her team are simply amazing! Selling my home was a scary thing but she knows this market very well, was extremely professional, and is be...READ MORE

Mahsheed Barghisavar, Las Vegas Real Estate Expert testimonials

Career Highlights

Touring via FaceTime and other video streaming services is allowing agents to continue to get clients into new rental properties without risking the spread of the coronavirus. While video touring is working for some, it isn’t working for others who are opting to push their move dates, leaving realtors with a decline in business. AUSTIN, Texas – With a growing number of coronavirus cases across the nation, the real estate industry is taking a hit as the pandemic prompts people to stay home. “I haven’t done one tour in the past week and a half where I am typically touring five times a week with clients,” real estate agent Amanda Becker said to Fox News. “I have had about five of my 30 clients tell me that they are just going to renew, it’s just easier. And I have a few clients in the service industry, and they’re not working for the next six weeks so they are trying to put things on hold.” REAL ESTATE AGENTS SWITCHING TO VIRTUAL ‘OPEN HOUSES’ Smart City, which operates in Houston, Dallas and Austin, placed roughly 15,000 people in rental properties across Texas in 2019. Smart City is an apartment locating company that operates in three cities in the State of Texas. But this year may paint a different picture, as all three cities that Smart City operates in have seen more than 100 cases of the virus combined. The state total for Texas is more than 300 as of Monday. “Monday was the first day that we started to see a little bit of a reduction in people calling us for apartments,” Smart City CEO Cassie Brown said. The apartment-locating company is specifically seeing a decline in people opting to go out to properties to tour in person. “There is just a lockdown everywhere. Some properties are open and some are not and because people aren’t seeing all of their options, they are basically saying ‘Hey, we can’t make a decision right now,’” Brown said. Brown added that people are also canceling moving plans because of layoffs happening around the country. “I had a client who was trying to move in, they got here from out of state. And then as soon as they got their keys for their apartment, they were called and told that their job is no longer going to be a job,” Becker said. The problem stretches across the nation, impacting markets like Las Vegas. “On a weekly basis, I get about 30 to 50 phone calls a day, now, today, I have had five to 10 phone calls,” said the real estate agent, Mahsheed Barghisavar. Barghisavar, who owns Mahsheed Real Estate, she is having trouble getting clients to meet her in person after the governor ordered bars, restaurants and casinos to close earlier in March. “With the governor making an announcement that all of this stuff has to shut down… it is just a really weird time right now,” Barghisavar said. “I have never been able to see the streets as black as they are right now, like no traffic whatsoever, so people are listening for the most part, and staying home as we have been told.” The agents who spoke with Fox News say their clients have new demands, too. Some still want to tour properties but aren’t willing to go inside with an agent, forcing them to find new ways to do business. Real estate agents are turning toward technology to help them give property tours to their clients. Many agents are offering video and Facetime tours. These agents are now using technology to their benefit, doing virtual tours with their clients and even sending videos and photos to help them make a decision. “I have had two showings, and at both of them, there are agents doing virtual tours for their clients because their clients didn’t want to come… so they are doing a FaceTime.” Barghisavar said. “I had one client where I had to go open the house, and then I waited in the car while they went inside because it was something they said would make them more comfortable.” Smart City said their realtors are adopting the same practices. “My day-to-day now is just getting pictures and videos for my clients,” Becker said. “They are just having to trust the videos and the photos we send them.” Agents added this could be the new normal, as apartment management properties across the country are closing their leasing offices to the public. “I definitely feel that it will be the norm for at least the next month. I think things will get worse before they get better.” Barghisavar said. “This is definitely going to change all industries and how people are going to go about their lives.” Hunter Davis joined Fox News in 2019 as a multimedia reporter based in Austin, Texas.
WINNER OF BEST REAL ESTATE AGENT I was nominated for the Silver State Awards XIV “Best Real Estate Agent” for the 2nd year in a row, amongst 3 other very successful agents. This year, in 2016, to my amazement, I won! It is really one of the best feelings to be recognized and honored for your hard work and more importantly for your role in the community. It is truly a blessing to even be nominated but to actually win the award, is a whole other feeling of greatness! I really am grateful every single day that I have a business I created from the bottom up, by working non stop for 10 years, that works! Not only does it work for me, but it works for my clients and it works for the community! Its a win, win and WIN situation for everyone involved! I always dreamt of being able to create security for myself so that I never have to rely on anyone in this life and through Real Estate I have been able to do this. At the same time, I dreamt of having the ability to make other people happy and through creating a level of success from real estate, I am able to do this. For example, I have the privilege of working with Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Nevada and The Animal Foundation. Through Real Estate, I am blessed with the ability to bless those through these foundations and help make a positive difference in their lives. Other than being recognized for your hard work and efforts, having the ability to give to others something they need and make them truly happy, makes me happy every single day! It is a natural high for me! I love it! I love my clients/friends/family! I love this business and I am forever grateful for all the great people in my life who make all this possible, every single day! By doing the right thing, every single day and every second of the day. By putting out the right energy in this world. Miracles happen all the time! Success is truly being the BEST person you can be in this world and surrounded by all the right people! Having a purpose greater than just yourself. I am honored and humbled. Thank YOU! #ChangingPerceptionsofWhatisPossible Silver State Awards XIV
MAHSHEED NAMED YPNS TOP 40 UNDER 40 REALTORS IN 2014 Congratulations to Mahsheed for being awarded YPN Top 40 Under 40 Realtor in Las Vegas for the 2nd year in a row! What a great accomplishment for Mahsheed and the rest of the YPN Winners! YPN of Las Vegas is an organization of young, career-minded, real estate professionals who focus on the importance of education, technology, community service and building relationships through networking. Central to the mission of YPN Las Vegas is the goal of creating programs to encourage, foster and promote young GLVAR members to excel in their careers and encourage the pursuit of leadership roles at the local, state and national levels. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/YPNLasVegas. Its a huge honor to win this award for the 2nd year in a row! The award itself has only existed for 3 years, so this feels like a huge accomplishment for me. I am truly grateful and thankful to be able to do what I love and be surrounded by clients and agents that I truly enjoy being around! I feel like a very a lucky woman! The biggest thing I have learned through my 8 years of being a Realtor in Las Vegas, Full Time, is that if you give it your all, never stop, do everything with care and compassion and in the right way, that your success will come! When you build a foundation based off of integrity and share that with people of similar values, business and life become truly amazing. Never stop dreaming big and Never stop believing in yourself! The minute I became True to MYSELF, everything completely changed for the Good. Thank You YPN so very much! I look forward to more years of success in Las Vegas!
TOP 40 REALTORS UNDER 40 WHO DEMONSTRATE EXCELLENCE IN THEIR CAREERS! Congratulations to Mahsheed Barghisavar for being named one of the Top 40 under 40 Realtors in Las Vegas! Las Vegas YPN 2nd Annual 40 Under 40 proudly announced on Friday March 1, 2013 the top 40 Winners of the Who’s Who Under 40 Award Recipients. This program was created to acknowledge the top 40 Las Vegas REALTORS under the age of 40 who demonstrate excellence in their careers, community and service to the real estate industry. Congratulations to all of the 2013 Winners! Below a special Thank You from Mahsheed Herself … I’m honored and grateful to be one of the Top 40 under 40 REALTORS In all of Las Vegas. I feel blessed to be acknowledged amongst such talented and hard working REALTORS! Its funny because sometimes You really have no idea how successful you really are, or if you have even achieved a great level of success yet. For 7 years now I have been on a constant go go go, highly driven mentality with my business. I really haven’t stopped at all in 7 years! To have this award and Recognition is Huge for me! It makes me feel that everything I have worked so hard for and have dreamt of, is actually happening and has happened. I’m so thankful to know that I have actually achieved a certain level of success and this is just the beginning! I’m truly blessed to be able to have the clients that I do and have the special people in my life that help me with with work on a daily basis. They are the reasons I get to do what I love and achieve great results! If you love something, stick to it and do it with Love, care and Compassion for others! When you do this, Its amazing how the universe works with you to achieve all your Desires!
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