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Rachelle Cox

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As the trusted real estate advisor for my clients, I understand that buying or selling a home is a uniquely personal and complex experience, so I take the time to get to know what’s essential for them. My reputation amongst my peers is a well-respected, hard-working woman. When I set my mind to accomplish something, I always get it done and the numbers speak for themselves. In my first year alone, I did over 6 million in sales.

There is a lot at stake financially in each real estate transaction and that’s what drives my “what more can I do for my client” mindset. Whether that’s answering the phone after hours or going the extra mile, I’m by their side. It’s important to me that my clients feel confident and relaxed throughout each transaction. I have the skills and calm demeanor to handle any transactional turbulence, and I have a reliable, strong team that backs me up, going through each detail with a fine-tooth comb. I work closely with other agents to ensure a quick and clean close with the best terms possible.

After college I owned and operated a small business which I ran successfully for years. I learned how to negotiate and use best practices to keep my business secure. I use these same skills and pair them with professional marketing and competitive pricing for sellers to move their homes quickly, and for as much as possible.

What can you expect from working with me? A confident, calm and collected agent who is always there for you and has got your back no matter what challenges arise.

Interested in working with me? Give me a call today to find out how exactly I can help you in your next real estate transaction.

Rachelle Cox
Rachelle Cox
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