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Kristin Hayes

Meet Kristin Hayes

Kristin, a Colorado native and graduate of CU Boulder, was previously a flight attendant and travel writer with a passion for people and family. As a Realtor, wife of a sports professional and mother of a toddler, Kristin found her passion for Real Estate through travel. Becoming a business owner was always something she desired and she discovered that through Las Vegas Real Estate. This passion for travel and people was transformed into becoming a Realtor specializing in relocation, investing and first time home buyers.

Kristin is dedicated to changing the real estate industry for the better through creativity, simplifying the home buying process, and helping her clients with her resources. If there is one thing Kristin is known for, its resources in Las Vegas. She hopes to use her dedication to help people by truly serving those she knows and will meet in the future. Kristin is also the Facilitator of The Las Vegas chapter’s women business group called The Success Collective.

When Kristin is not working, you can usually find her at sporting events with her daughter Myinn and husband Myles or planning a family trip. As a wine aficionado and a lover of new and trending restaurants, she’s your local dining, brunch, and wine bar recommendation advocate and city guide.

Kristin’s mission as a full time agent is to love and serve others by helping them find certainty, safety and generational wealth through homeownership and investments.

Kristin  Hayes
Kristin Hayes
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