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Mahsheed deserves the highest ratings!! We sought her out as our agent for our first home purchase based on her extensive experience, her valuable industry & local knowledge, and her reputation for having the utmost integrity. We are newer to Las Vegas from Cali, so having a trusted agent to advise us was extremely important. Mahsheed was there for us every step of the way through the entire process. As new home buyers, it was very stressful at times and there was a lot we didn’t know, and she was right there to walk us through everything and make sure we were completely taken care of. If we texted or called her, she was so responsive it brought peace and ease to the process. When we were under deadline, she pushed and made sure it all happened on time. My husband and I were very specific in what we wanted and thought we would never find it – Mahsheed took us to just a few houses and understood EXACTLY what we were looking for. She knew exactly how to extend our search and we found the best home on the block! We couldn’t be happier in our new home. There are so many positive things we could say about Mahsheed and her team of professionals. One thing that stands out the most is her endless passion and sincere dedication to her clients. She truly wants the best for her clients and it shows in how she conducts her business and relationships.

There is only one problem – EVERYONE wants to come visit and stay at our new house/resort! 😉 Thank you so much Mahsheed, to you and your trusted team, for helping us find our dream home!!! 110% Recommend Mahsheed Real Estate!!

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