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Back in 2010, my lease for my rental was up. It was about 4 weeks out and had to find a place to live before I had to have the property all cleaned up for the next renters. My roommate and myself wanted to stay in the exact area that we were currently living. Not to many options, actually none!! So a week went by and we looked at a bunch of houses. Nothing was appealing. Then one day she contacted me and told me about this rental that was basically around the corner from where i was renting. That day a few bids went in on the house. We did a tour and instantly fell in love. Mahsheed and her assistant Geoffrey went to battle for us. Everyday, every night I was getting updates on what was happening. The communication we had was at its best. After about a week and a half of negotiating with the owners and other prop managers, we finally got the go ahead to move in. 3 years later I am currently living at the same residence. The owner of the house told me she had chosen us due to the professionalism from Mahsheed and Geoffrey. Professional, respectful, cooperative, devoted and enthusiastic are a few words how i would describe my experience working with Mahsheed and Geoffrey. Thanks again!!!

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